Sequin cushion

Flamingo Sequin cushion

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A mermaid Pillow that shifts colors when you re-position the sequins by stroking them. Each sequin has a different color on its front and back.
When you move the sequin  to face in a different direction, you see a different color. The reversible sequins are also positioned to easily flip from one side of the other, making drawing on the fabric with your hands easy.
: 40cm*40cm / 15.7*15.7 inch

2.Package Includes: 1 Pillow Cover(Flamingo)
3.Material: sequin and Suede.
4.Color: 7 colors(light blue&silver /light blue&light purple/Green&sliver/pink&gold/ Flamingo/Red&Blue/Unicorn),this is Flamingo.
5.weight:about 135g